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Craving Mexican Cuisine, Hodge on 7th? Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Pedro & Vinny’s Burrito Cart!

Looking for a quick lunch while on the go, Hodge on 7th? Pedro & Vinny’s Burrito Cart makes a tastier alternative to the usual fast food fare! While this food is indeed fast and affordable, the bright red food truck is anything but a drive-through….continue reading

Italian Pizza Kitchen: Delivery Made Easy to Hodge on 7th

Imagine this: you've had a long day at work and you're hoping to give your Hodge on 7th kitchen the night off. Sound familiar? If so, consider calling for take-out or delivery from Italian Pizza Kitchen. This U Street restaurant delivers piping-hot pizza, as well…continue reading

Acadiana Restaurant: Where Hodge on 7th Savors a Seafood Dinner

Acadiana Restaurant is a traditional Louisiana-style fish house serving up the complex flavors of the Bayou in an elevated and elegant atmosphere. Regulars say that the restaurant is warm, cozy, and welcoming, and it works equally well as a gathering place for friends or as…continue reading

Unleashed: A Paws-itively Convenient Shop for Hodge on 7th Pet Lovers

Sharing your home at Hodge on 7th with a four-legged friend? Unleashed by Petco is a convenient neighborhood spot for all of your pet care needs. This store specializes in all-natural products for your dog or cat, from foods made without additives or fillers to…continue reading

Mockingbird Hill: Enjoy Sherry and Ham Near Hodge on 7th

Mockingbird Hill bills itself as a "sherry and ham bar," which is a pretty unique concept as far as DC bars go. Here's the basic concept: sherry is one of the most complex wines in the world, and it's best enjoyed when paired with food…continue reading