Treat Your Valentine to Something Sweet From Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate

The difference between Belgian chocolate and all the rest? It’s all about the cocoa content, and there is no better place the get Belgian Chocolate than Neuhaus. Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the Belgian praline over 100 years ago, and since then, this fine chocolatier has only produced their products in the country. The result is a difference you can taste, because the cocoa content is what gives Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate it’s rich, indulgent flavor and unmistakable toasty finish.

So what’ll it be this Valentine’s Day? Treat your sweetie (or yourself!) to a decadent box of bon bons, each expertly crafted and almost too beautiful to eat. The praline assortment is one the best, thanks to that ingenious original invention from Mr. Neuhaus, and the chocolatier enrobes their signature candy in a variety of white, milk, and dark chocolate coatings. Other options include bars, truffles, and nougathins, which make a great option to stash at the back of your desk drawer for anytime cravings. Find the shop in Union Station, or make it easy on yourself and just order right from the website with a few quick clicks.