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Logan 14 Aveda Lifestyle Spa: Where Hodge on 7th Can Enjoy a Little R&R

While DC might be oversaturated with chic, upscale salons, many Hodge on 7th residents turn to Logan 14 Aveda Lifestyle Spa because of its convenient location and friendly, knowledgeable staff members who always listen to the client's concerns. Express services are ideal for on-the-go individuals…continue reading

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library: More Than Just Books Near Hodge on 7th

The Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library near Hodge on 7th is home to thousands of fascinating books. Pick up the latest bestselling novels, or settle down with the biography of one of your favorite historical figures. Small business owners might enjoy an instructional guide for…continue reading

For a Tasty Treat Try Uncle Chip’s Cookies Near Hodge on 7th

Everyone needs a reliable local sweet shop, and for many DC residents, Uncle Chip's Cookies plays that role. True to its name, Uncle Chip's serves up cookies of all kinds. You'll find traditional chocolate chip and peanut butter varieties, as well as chocolate-dipped shortbreads, caramel…continue reading