Unwind After a Long Day at Flow Yoga Center

yoga practise

If you like variety in your yoga practice, you’ll certainly find it at Flow Yoga Center. The studio boasts a large list of classes with nearly 100 sessions every week, about half of them at the studio near you on P Street. So, no matter how busy you are or what type of classes you like, Flow Yoga can accommodate you.

If you want to warm up for work, come to an early-morning Vinyasa Flow class at the P Street studio. Your instructor will guide you through fluid movements linked together with breath, focusing on a seamless transition and proper alignment in each stance. When you need help unwinding in the evening, check out a Mindfulness Breathing + Meditation session. This class allows you to focus on your breathing and meditation techniques without excessive movement, which may eventually make it easier for you to shed the stress of a workday on your own, even when you can’t make it to class.



Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP