The Coffee Bar: A Constantly Shifting List of Coffees at Your Fingertips

serving coffee

When you step inside of The Coffee Bar near Logan Circle, most of the weathered wood and shiny steel you see has already lived other lives in Washington, DC. Given that The Coffee Bar’s building dates back to 1880, it only made sense to embrace the theme of upcycling salvaged materials. So that’s precisely what The Coffee Bar’s owners did when they decided to debut a new cafe in 2012.

If you think their attention to detail when it comes to decor is impressive, it’s nothing compared to the care with which they source coffee. The Coffee Bar features an ever-changing lineup of coffee roasters, so it showcases new varieties of java all the time. The only thing that the eclectic coffee roasters have in common is that they’re all single-origin and of the highest quality. Grab a cup of coffee from the draft system in the morning, or order a pour-over in the afternoon after the tap has been turned off.

serving coffee to pot

serving coffee to pot

Public Domain/Pixabay/Unsplash