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Red Toque Cafe: Order Indian Food Takeout to Enjoy Back at Hodge on 7th

With its big, street-facing windows and checkered floor tiles, Red Toque Cafe is a cheerful little DC restaurant serving Pakistani and Indian cuisines to a large and loyal customer base, including many residents of Hodge on 7th. There's nothing particularly fancy about this spot, and much of its business is take-out, but Red Toque has a reputation for serving outstanding food!

Be aware that the menu is expansive, so it might take you a few minutes to mull over your choices. That said, consider taking the suggestions of Yelp reviewers: the vegetarian samosas are a good appetizer, with their crispy crusts and mildly spiced potato interiors. Meat lovers should try any of the kabobs —lamb, chicken, or kofta — and anyone who enjoys spicy food might like the chicken vindaloo, with its special blend of Indian spices.

Red Toque Cafe
1701 6th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 588-5516