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Queens of Egypt at National Geographic Museum


Just about everyone has heard of Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen who ruled from 51 to 30 BC. But can you name any other Egyptian queens? From now through September 2, you’ll be able to explore the lives of some of Egypt’s lesser-known ancient queens at National Geographic Museum’s special exhibition,  Queens of Egypt. 

You’ll learn about the incredible power and wealth these women had at their disposal, and you’ll be able to experience the sights, sounds, and activities that defined their everyday lives in ancient Egypt. You’ll learn about some of the most consequential decisions they made for their nation, and you’ll explore the various artifacts they left behind in their tombs. Yelp reviewers note that the exhibit is huge and wide-ranging, so be sure you give yourself ample time to see it all. Tickets are $15 (with discounts available for kids, students, seniors, and military).