Piassa: Taste the Flavors of Ethiopia For Tonight’s Dinner Near Hodge on 7th

Vegetarian Platter

Ethiopian cuisine has a reputation for being humble, wholesome and healthy fare, and that’s just what you’ll find at at Piassa. This DC restaurant is located minutes from Hodge on 7th, and it combines simple ingredients like lentils, root vegetables and slow-roasted meats with an array of traditional African spices to serve up tasty, hearty meals.

Yelp reviewers recommend Piassa’s combination meals, which allow you to try a variety of different dishes in a way that also mimics traditional Ethiopian serving styles. Customers are able to choose a vegetarian or meat-based combination, which makes Piassa a great choice for all kinds of people. Once your colorful platter arrives filled with bright red tomatoes, yellow lentils, green peppers, purple eggplant, you’ll enjoy it with signature Ethiopian injera bread instead of silverware or utensils. If you’re not a fan of Ethiopian fare, note that the menu includes a number of American-style options as well. The dining room at Piassa is a casual space, good for a quick lunch or dinner with friends, and if the weather’s mild, there’s even an outdoor dining area.

Vegetarian Platter served

Vegetarian Platter served

1336 9th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 450-1642