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Mockingbird Hill: Enjoy Sherry and Ham Near Hodge on 7th

Mockingbird Hill bills itself as a "sherry and ham bar," which is a pretty unique concept as far as DC bars go. Here's the basic concept: sherry is one of the most complex wines in the world, and it's best enjoyed when paired with food that complements its taste and aroma. Sherry aficionados generally agree that the best food pairing is ham, which —as a cured, salty meat — helps enhance the wine's depth and fruity richness.

Order a tasting flight of sherries along with a plate of hand-carved Serrano or Paleta Iberico. Alternatively, you can choose an American or Spanish ham sampler and ask the bartender to recommend sherries that will go especially well with your food. If it's your first visit to Mockingbird Hill, note that while the food here is high quality, it's not meant to be a meal. Instead, it's meant to enhance your sherry-tasting experience, so eat dinner at Hodge on 7th before heading over.

Mockingbird Hill
1843 Seventh St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 316-9396