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“Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures: Cinderella” From January 15 through January 20, 2019

After his adaptation The Red Shoes in 2017, Matthew Bourne continues his fairy tale series with "Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures: Cinderella" from January 15 through January 20. If you loved the original Cinderalla, then you’ll likely love this brand new take on the classic love story. 

In "Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures: Cinderella", Cinderalla is a young British girl who meets a RAF pilot during World War II. The two fall in love in London just before the Blitz, and they’re quickly separated due to the chaos of the war. Although the backdrop and the time period are the same, this take on Cinderalla still has the same romantic magic that you love about the original story. 

"Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures: Cinderella" takes place at the Kennedy Center Opera House. Tickets range from $29 to $129 and can be purchased online.