Looking for a Custom Cake? You’ll Find Lots at Firehook Bakery

choco cup cakes

Firehook Bakery is a fabulous destination for all of your baked good needs. Have a breakfast sweet tooth? They have tons of muffins, crossaints and pastries. Need to grab a sandwich for lunch? How about a coffee? They’ve got you covered there as well! It’s also only 1.4 miles away from Hodge on 7th, making it an easy stop and go place for a quick meal.

Firehook Bakery has an extensive menu encompassing everything from gourmet cakes to artisan breads and rolls and even a catering menu. They even have a pairing selection on the menu to help you determine which breads go best with other ingredients. Regulars especially rave about their cakes and pies, however, as they’re perfect for special events like birthday parties. You can order one from their huge selection online, which includes chocolate hazelnut cake, chocolate raspberry truffle cake, coconut cake and dulce de leche cake, all for free pick up at the store.

Call us or text us at 202-888-0283
1490 7th Street, NW
, Washington, DC 20001