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Grab an Artisan Cup of Java at The Coffee Bar

When you order a cup of joe at The Coffee Bar, the barista's next step will depend on the time of day. If it's in the morning hours, you can expect your house coffee fresh from the tap. If you come by in the afternoon, The Coffee Bar has already closed down the tap for the day—which just means you'll savor a cup crafted to order using the pour-over method and the beans of your choice.

The Coffee Bar constantly varies its selection of java beans so you can always try something new. It offers single-origin beans from top-notch roasters like Verve, Ceremony, Bespoken, and Onyx Coffee Lab, so you really can't go wrong with anything you choose. Specialty beverages like the cardamom latte and the Americola (a jolting mix of Mexican Coke and espresso) also fill out the menu at The Coffee Bar. Pair your chosen drink with something sweet from the bakery case.