Flow Yoga Center: Stretch and Renew Near Hodge on 7th

Outdoor yoga

When you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed and are looking for a way to energize your mind and spirit, yoga can be just what the doctor ordered. Located not too far from Hodge on 7th, Flow Yoga Center is a reliable spot to further your yoga practice.

This community-oriented studio offers the regular group classes you’re probably familiar with, and it also offers a few unique services. Gather some colleagues at your office and schedule a time for a Yoga Flow instructor to visit your work for a unique, on-site yoga class. Or schedule private lessons for yourself, so you can get the benefit of extended one-on-one attention from a master practitioner. Or, of course, head on down for one of Flow Yoga Center’s many classes, which focus on strength, flexibility, meditation, and renewal.

Flow Yoga Center
1508 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 462-(3569)

Outdoor yoga mat

Outdoor yoga mat