Find Unique, Hard-to-Find Confections at RareSweets

Cheesecake slice

If you need a sugar rush ASAP, stop into RareSweets for your sugary pick-me-up. Commuters and visitors alike will discover RareSweets is a modern bakery where baked goods, cakes, ice cream, and other goodies are the specialty.

The spring menu is currently offering sweets like chocolate and lavender mini cake, Meyer lemon and rhubarb cake, and blueberry nutmeg. Other rotating items include oatmeal raisin ice cream, green apple sorbet, and apple cider sorbet. Want something to munch on to go with your latte float? Try an egg in a basket, buttermilk biscuit with seasonal jam, or a slice of seasonal coffee cake.

This bakery focuses on using the freshest ingredients, so artificial items won’t taint the taste (or how you feel after eating a baked good from here). If you see something you like, order it, due to the fact that this is a seasonal bakery – what’s here today may be gone tomorrow, depending on the crop and seasonal availability.