Enjoy Authentic Venezuelan Fare at Arepa Zone

dish with corn

Best Chef, Best New Food Truck, and Best Customer Service are just a few of titles that Arepa Zone has earned over the past few years in business. With accolades like these, it’s no surprise that the Venezuelan establishment no longer consists of a single food truck. It also boasts a pair of brick-and-mortar eateries, including one near your home on 14th Street.

This is the largest of the eateries, so it boasts a bigger menu than its counterparts. Step up to the counter and browse the menu items, which are listed overhead. You can’t go wrong with any of the signature arepas, such as the Domino stuffed with black beans and cheese or the pollo mechado filled with shredded chicken. But you may want to try one of the tequenos, the Venezuelan version of mozzarella sticks served with a signature dipping sauce.

dish with corn served

dish with corn served

Public Domain/Pixabay/canliga