Enjoy Authentic South American Fare at Arepa House DC

authentic south american dish

Queso fresco and black beans; chicken salad and Muenster cheese; scrambled eggs with bacon, onions, and tomato. What could make these combinations even more delicious? Stuffing them inside of a fluffy pocket crafted from corn and embellishing them with flavorful seasonings. That’s exactly what the kitchen team does at Arepa House DC.

The eatery opened its doors less than two months ago and is already making waves with its authentic South American fare. Although the restaurant is modest and the menu is brief, the quality of the food more than makes up for the simplicity in other areas. Order the signature Arepa House arepa, stuffed with shredded pork and slices of tomato, or try the Clasica with ham, tomato, lettuce, and cheddar cheese. The Pelua features shredded beef and cheddar, while the Reina Pepiada showcases chicken salad and chunks of avocado. Enjoy any of the arepas, or a flight of three mini arepas, with some fried plantains on the side.

south american dish

south american dish

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