Enjoy a Taste of the Midwest at Ivy and Coney Near Hodge on 7th

midwest dish

The menu at Ivy and Coney is simple: beer, booze, and hot dogs. According to the reasoning at this popular DC bar near Hodge on 7th, you don’t need anything more than that to have a mighty fine time, and the bar’s loyal clientele tends to agree.

The bar’s hot dogs come in several styles but tend towards Midwestern traditions, including the Chicago dog heaped high with onions, relish, and mustard and the Detroit-style Coney dog, which adds a generous helping of chili to the dog and subtracts the pickled condiments. The beer list at Ivy and Coney maintains the bar’s Midwestern focus, serving the Michigan-brewed Bell’s Two Hearted Ale and Strohs from Detroit. You’ll probably be intrigued by the locker system used at Ivy and Coney: you can order individual drinks, or you can purchase an entire bottle of your favorite liquor and have it kept in your own private locker behind the bar between your visits.

Ivy and Coney
1537 Seventh Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 670-9489

midwest dish served

midwest dish served

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