Enjoy a Taste of the Caribbean at Cane

This past spring, as Peter and Jeanine Prime prepared to open Cane (their new restaurant focused on cuisine from Trinidad and Tobago), the couple carefully planned a menu that reflects the culinary diversity of the islands, including African, Indian, Spanish, French, and East Asian influences. This means you’ll be able to feast on unique dishes like Indian fried bread with cumin-spiced channa, pimento-smoked jerk wings, oxtail stew, and deep-fried snapper with pickled chilis. Whatever you order, regulars note that you shouldn’t forget to add a bit of house-made chutney, pineapple chow, or scotch bonnet pepper sauce to spice up your meal. 

Cane is popular, though you should know that the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations. You can avoid waiting in line, however, by adding your name to the daily waitlist on the website, which will give you up-to-the-minute wait times and allow you to arrive just as your table is ready.