Enjoy a New Kind of Ice Cream at Icycode Ice Cream Rolls

variety ice cream

Icycode Ice Cream Rolls serves up authentic Thai rolled ice cream, and it is truly a work of art. This new rolled ice cream shop is an entire performance and experience. Ice cream experts hand make your rolled ice cream right in front of you, and patrons claim the process is amazing just to watch. They pour liquid ice cream onto an anti-griddle cooled below -30 degrees, and as the liquid freezes, they cover it with customizable mix-ins and toppings. The ice cream is then rolled and packed into a beautiful and creative presentation.

The flavors and combinations are endless, with toppings such as fresh fruit, cookies, marshmallows and more. Check out the Strawberry Cake roll with a vanilla base, fresh strawberries, strawberry mousse, and mixed berries and bananas on top. This new trend in frozen desserts is definitely worth checking out, both for the experience and the taste!