Baseball Americana at the Library of Congress: Learn About the History of a Great American Pastime


Baseball is a sport as American as apple pie, and it’s been around for just about as long. However, the sport has evolved over the years along with the country. On June 29th, a special exhibit will open to honor the history of baseball in the U.S., Baseball Americana at the Library of Congress.

You’ll learn all about baseball over the years when you come to visit the exhibit. It begins many years ago when players used to refer to baseball as “town ball” or even “round ball.” An assortment of pieces from the Library of Congress and its sister museums and historical venues bring baseball from its earliest iterations to the present-day. The collection includes vintage baseball cards, photos of contemporary female baseball teams, and much more. Come to explore the artifacts for yourself.

baseball america

baseball america

Public Domain/Pixabay/wokandapix