Al Volo Promises Fresh Pasta Handcrafted Using Local Ingredients

Silvester served

Al Volo‘s head chefs, Daniele and Matteo, source their local and often organic ingredients from farmers markets around Washington, DC. Only fresh components like these are worthy of their handcrafted pasta, ripped directly from the bistros of Old World Italy. The duo uses a bronze-cutting technique to make their pasta from scratch, which creates a rougher surface that better holds onto sauces and seasonings.

Come to Al Volo to try the house-made pasta in the form of lasagna, gnocchi, or one of the other classic Italian dishes. You can also swing by to pick up some packaged pasta and sauce made right in the kitchen at Al Volo and take it home to make dinner in your own apartment. If you’d like some professional instruction before you take the wheel, come to one of Al Volo’s cooking classes for some insider tips.