A&D: A Neighborhood Bar for Residents of Hodge on 7th

bar drink

The simplicity of the A&D Neighborhood Bar website speaks volumes. On it, you will find the name of the bar, the hours, and the daily specials. That’s it. No pretension, no bluster, no nonsense. You’ll find the same dynamic when depart Hodge on 7th to visit A&D in person. There are no wacky decorations on the walls or flatscreen televisions above the bar; just a blackboard with the day’s specials hand-written in chalk.

You could say that the focus here is on quiet quality. The cocktail list is inventive without being ornate, and the beer and wine lists are selective without being restrictive. The menu includes a short list of candies, snacks, and a daily list of small plates. You can also bring a sandwich from around the corner into the bar. Regulars say it’s a great spot for a post-dinner drink with a date or happy hour with co-workers.

1314 9th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 290-1804

Call us or text us at 202-888-0283
1490 7th Street, NW
, Washington, DC 20001